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Educating for Equity Fellows Program

A Cohort-Based Professional Development Program for Equity-Minded Teaching and Learning

The Office of Campus Diversity, sponsored by the Board of Regents eLearning Innovation Grants Program, is seeking applicants interested in participating in a one-semester project to address equity-minded curriculums and learning environments in higher education. The Educating for Equity Fellows Program will require the selected participants to engage in a three-part learning experience which will serve as an implementation framework for higher education institutions to enable scaling of equity-minded teaching and learning initiatives across the state. Each faculty selected for this unique cohort receives a stipend of $500 and a certificate for their participation, at the end of the spring semester.

Participants are to complete a series of professional development curriculums and engage in learning activities aimed at broadening faculty understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges in online and in-person delivery of educational experiences. In addition, participants will be required to attend at least four (4) meetings over the course of the 2022 spring semester, and will be charged with creating a deliverable that shows understanding and application of equity-minded strategies in the design of eLearning curricular and co-curricular educational experiences for students; this deliverable will be due by the end of the fellowship period. Participants must also be willing to implement inclusive strategies in their classroom environment throughout the semester of participation, to demonstrate the impact of this professional development series on student success, particularly for students from underrepresented groups. At the end of the fellowship period, Fellows will present their results from this Fellows Program with the University community.

The Fellow program facilitated by Kiwana McClung, chief diversity officer and Manyu Li, assistant professor of psychology will include sessions facilitated by external experts on DEI teaching and learning.

Fellow Applications

Interested faculty members should complete the online application for the Educating for Equity Fellows Program and indicate their rationale and willingness to participate for the duration of the fellowship period.

Direct questions about the Educating for Equity Fellows Program to or    

Project Timeline:

November 2021 – Call for Applications 
December 2021 – Fellows selected; Award letter sent
Spring 2022 – Complete development series learning materials and attend at least four Fellow cohort meetings
May 2022 – Complete required deliverable: Presenting results and deliverables to the University community 

Program Evaluation:

The program evaluation to be led by Dr. Manyu Li, assistant professor of psychology, in collaboration with Kiwana McClung, interim chief diversity officer. 

Potential deliverables: 

Fellows will complete at least one deliverable during the fellowship period. Fellows may propose their own deliverables format, which may include but not be limited to:

  • White paper
  • Resource pages
  • New course proposal
  • Re-designed course or syllabus
  • Discipline-specific or interdisciplinary teaching/learning materials
  • Grant applications
  • Publications 
  • Conference presentations 
  • Other teaching or research projects