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Guiding Principles

Our Mission

The Office for Campus Diversity cultivates an inclusive learning environment that values different perspectives and promotes intercultural engagement.

Our Vision

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive community in which all members feel valued, respected and able to reach their full potential.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Access & Success – To cultivate a diverse and inclusive undergraduate and graduate student body, faculty and staff

Education, Scholarship & Professional Development – To engage students, faculty, staff and community members in learning opportunities to explore concepts, principles, perspectives and research related to diversity, equity and inclusion

Institutional Climate & Intergroup Relations – To create and sustain an institutional environment that celebrates diversity and cultivates inclusion through intercultural engagement

Institutional Infrastructure – To create and sustain an institutional infrastructure that effectively supports progress in achieving diversity and inclusion goals aligned with the University’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan

Community Engagement – To engage community partners in collaborative efforts to provide education, resources and opportunities to broaden the impact of campus-based diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives