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By The Numbers

There are so many ways that our students are diverse. From geography to physical and learning ability, our students all contribute in significant ways to the learning environment and our campus culture.  

In Fall 2015, there were 17,805 students (both undergraduate and graduate) enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Our students come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds:

• 67% are White,
• 20% are African American,
• 2% are Asian,
• 4% are Hispanic,
• 2% are two or more races, and
• 4% are international.

This includes domestic students from 49 states and international students from 82 countries.  Learn more about our international students by visiting the Office of International Affairs.

Our students also join our community with a range of physical and learning abilities.  In Fall 2014, there were 819 students thriving on campus despite learning or physical disabilities.  Visit the Office of Disability Services for more information.

Additionally, many of our students are distance learners. In Spring 2015, there were 4,964 students enrolled in at least one hybrid or online course, representing 31% of the student body. For more information, please visit the Office of Distance Learning.

Take a look at the pages to the left to learn more about our undergraduate students, graduate students, and the surrounding Lafayette Metro Area.