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Call for Posters

In celebration of the myriad of ways women from all walks of life have provided peace, healing, and hope throughout history, we formally announce the 15th annual Women’s Leadership Conference! The conference will be held in-person on March 24, 2022, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

We invite scholars, professionals, and community leaders who have interesting, informative, and/or groundbreaking visual research concerning the health and overall wellbeing of women in Louisiana to engage with us by submitting for our Women’s Leadership Conference Poster Session and Showcase. Students, scholars, researchers, and professionals are encouraged to submit a poster abstract outlining a Poster Session display that engages, educates, and empowers conference attendees to improve their networks and communities.

We encourage submissions along a wide range of topics, but we are especially interested in interactive presentations addressing Mental Health and Wellness in these three Aspects: The Mind, The Body, and The Soul.

The MIND: Mental and Emotional Health, Emotional Intelligence, Education and Educators, Research & Scholarship, Professionals and Professional Development, Self-efficacy or Confidence; Mindfulness, Self-Care
The BODY: Physical Health and Wellness, Women Professionals in Healthcare; Holistic Health and Healing, Self-Care, Access to Care, Activeness, Women’s Walk for a Cause
The SOUL: Honoring, Inspiring, Encouraging, Respecting, and Supporting Women; Hopefulness; Women’s Narratives/Stories; Women’s Autonomy and Dignity
Suggested Areas of Emphasis
We are specifically looking for poster presentations that address the following areas of emphasis:

• Pedagogies of Inclusions, Curricular Models, or Women’s Studies
• Theory to Praxis in the Mental Health Areas
• Institutional Efforts to Prioritize Mental and Emotional Health
• Studies on Women Educators and Mental Health Education
• The importance and use of Emotional Intelligence in Praxis
• Research Projects and Topics exploring various Women’s Mental Health Issues
• Wellness Issues related to Personal Identity and Cultural Difference
• Issues related to Professionals and Professional Development
• Studies on women in the Professional Realm
• Research/Studies on Mindfulness, Self-Care Practices and their effect on Mental and Emotional Health
• Studies on Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Fields

• Physical Health studies and outcomes
• The various Social, political, environmental factors of Wellness in communities or groups
• Access to Health Care and/or important Health Issues for Women
• Healthcare Professionals and Trends
• Alternative Methods in Health and Healing
• Body Arts, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
• The Benefits of Exercise, Athletics, and Physical Activity
• Studies focused on ability and physical ailments
• Body Image and Gender issues

• Identity Development, Belonging, Self-Work and Self-Care
• Practices and Strategies for Effective Mentorship
• Practitioner Development, Self-Work and Self-Care, How We Show Up
• Intergroup Dialogue, Intergroup Facilitation, Perspective Taking and Empathy
• Studies on group, team, organizational, and/or work dynamics
• Women’s Support Networks, Groups, and Women-Led Organizations
• Stories, Narratives, and Projects that highlight the achievements and lives of Women
• Self-actualization, Promotion, and Career Studies
• Methods for Organizing and Building Capacity for Alliances across Socially Constructed Difference
• Studies on Race, Ethnicity, Sovereignty, Transnationalism, Power, or Intersectional Studies

Poster Session Format and Guidelines:
• Poster Sessions will be in a visual presentation format where presenters display their work using creative posters, digital slides, and other media with the goal of engaging conversation with conference attendees.
• Should your work be selected and scheduled for a visual presentation session, presenters will be asked to prepare talking points and be familiar enough with various aspects of their project to have an informal conversation with attendees.
• Conference attendees will be encouraged to interact with presenters and provide constructive feedback on projects.
• Interactive and digitized poster presentations are highly encouraged. While many may choose to display posters, presenters are invited to use a unique presentation format that best fits the originality of their research and presentation style. Further directions and instructions will be given to those whose presentations are selected.  
• The Poster Session is largely informal. Attendees will walk and browse through the presentations at their own leisure between conference sessions. The more interactive you are and the more unique your visual presentation is, the more likely attendees will stop to learn more about your research.
• Individuals selected for the Poster Sessions will receive discounted registration.

• December 5, 2021 – Online Form Open for Proposal Submissions
• January 15, 2022 – Deadline for Proposal Submissions
• January 31, 2022 – Notification of Selected Proposals

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