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BFSA President's Message

I am excited and looking forward to serving as the President of the Black Faculty and Staff Association at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As we continue to navigate the various challenges currently being faced in higher education, it is important for our faculty and staff to be adequately prepared and supported within our roles as professionals. This will allow us to continue to strive for excellence while being cultivated and staying abreast with the changing trends. In turn, we will be able to better provide the necessary guidance and mentorship to our students to ensure they are retained and can persist through graduation. The Black Faculty and Staff Association is dedicated to providing support to ensure the success of our students, faculty, and staff, will advocating for the resources they need to succeed.

I hope that you consider joining us and being engaged with our organization. When you become a member of the Black Faculty and Staff Association, you will be able to assist us with continuing to support the institution's diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.


Ruben D. Henderson, III, MBA
Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment
President, Black Faculty and Staff Association