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Diversity Education

The Office for Campus Diversity provides education opportunities for students, faculty and staff to gain cultural competence and help mitigate the effects of unconscious bias.

What is cultural competence?

Cultural competence is the set of behaviors, attitudes, and policies that enable individuals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. 

In addition to enhancing the teaching and learning environment, cultural competence strengthens the ability of faculty and staff to help students develop the capacity to be effective global citizens.  Learning objectives include:

  1. Increasing self-awareness of social identities, cultures, and biases;
  2. Understanding and valuing others;
  3. Gaining knowledge of inequities in society;
  4. Obtaining the ability to interact effectively with diverse individuals; and
  5. Developing the skills to foster equity and inclusion.

What is unconscious bias?

Unconscious bias refers to an automatic tendency or preference that happens outside of our control.  Unconscious biases trigger our brains to make quick judgments and assessments of people and situations, influenced by our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences. 

There has been increasing interest in the concept of unconscious bias and the impact it can have on diversity and inclusion, particularly for faculty and staff.  Learning objectives include:

  1. Understanding the concept of unconscious bias;
  2. Gaining exposure to research on the science of unconscious bias;
  3. Exploring how unconscious biases manifest in evaluation, hiring and leadership; and
  4. Developing strategies for mitigating the effects of unconscious bias.

Examples of Diversity Education Opportunities

  • Workshops/training sessions for student organizations
  • Guest lectures in undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Professional development sessions for faculty
  • Speaking engagements at University and community events

If you are interested in scheduling a training opportunity or a speaking engagement, please send an email to