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Courageous Conversations








The Office for Campus Diversity has launched a new initiative called "Courageous Conversations."  These roundtable discussions for groups of faculty and staff will provide an opportunity to learn and share your own best practices for engaging diversity and inclusion, both inside and outside the classroom.


Series I:  "How Labels Shape Our Perception: A Discussion of Race, Gender, Sexuality, Disability and the Importance of Names".

Presented by Dr. Brooke Breaux, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, the conversation will focus on the topic of labels from both
a psychological and linguistic perspective.  

February 7th and 8th, 2017

Series II: Project ALLIES Workshop

During this workshop designed for faculty and staff, participants will gain introductory knowledge about how they can be an effective ally to LGBTQ+ individuals and those questioning their sexuality.  Once familiar with the various resources available on campus, you will be given a Project ALLIES sticker to place in a visible location, affirming your commitment to supporting a diverse and inclusive campus community.

March 7th and 8th, 2017

Series III:  TBD

April, 2017


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Discussions held in various locations on campus for the convenience of attendees. 

For topic suggestions or questions, Contact Office for Campus Diversity. (337) 482-6464,